B.a.d 3D Live Magazine  
Stichting B.a.d, Talingstraat 5, 3082 MG Rotterdam

Marijke Appelman finished her BA in Fine Art at Willem de Kooning Academy in 2008 and did her MA in Media Design at the Piet Zwart Institute. She participated in residency programs in Austria, Norway, The Netherlands, Iceland, Denmark and Belgium. For B.a.d 3D Live Magazine she will engage in a subtle dialog with the viewer, in association with Karin Arink, Pip Passchier en Kamali van Bochove. 

Hondse ontmoetingen – Aan tafel!  
Attent projectruimte, Struitenweg 52, 3082 WX Rotterdam
10 - 19 juni     
Painter Jitka Andréa created for Charlois Speciaal an installation about encounters and connections, based on five cultural themes: dogs, tattoos, textiles, gardening, and food. In addition, she filmed with her dog Barca - ostensibly - ordinary daily walks where (canine) meetings just happen.  

B.a.d 3D Live Magazine  
Stichting B.a.d, Talingstraat 5, 3082 MG Rotterdam

Karin Arink works from an interpretation of who ‘I’ might be - tied to a physical experience of existence which is enlarged and thus more extreme. For B.a.d 3D Live Magazine she will engage in a subtle dialog with the viewer, in association with Karin Arink, Pip Passchier en Kamali van Bochove. 

Studio Pompi  
Pompstraat 44c, 3082 RT Rotterdam

Martha Atienza makes video art as part of installations in galleries. They are snapshots of reality. Her work was exhibited internationally and she won several prices. Among them the Thirteen Artists Award of Cultural Centre of the Philippines in 2015 en de Mercedes Zobel residency at Gasworks in London in 2016.

Atelier Rene Berkeveld
Quarantaine Inrichting, Quarantaineweg 1, 3089 KP, Rotterdam

In his historic workshop René Berkeveld rebuilds with nostalgia for the 50's, 60's and 70's contemporary bicycles and Sparta Mets into bicycles with a wonderful retro look. 

AAB the insider  
Gouwstraat 3, 3082 BA Rotterdam

Al Mamoun Benmira is a fashion designer and artist. His studio in Oud Charlois is clearly visible from the street. Local residents come by regularly and let him know their opinion. For the project AAB the insider he engages in a discussion to show fashion and art is not reserved for a select group of people. The outcome of these conversations will be a piece of clothing in which locals will be able to recognize parts of themselves. 

Studio 95  
Warmoldstraat 95, 3084 RT, Rotterdam

Hüma Birgül catches sudden events in her paintings and let the audience experience the different stages of a cosmological story. Birgül paints mostly abstract compositions. In her studio Hüma Birgül will show her works in progress, old works, new works, old things, new things… videos, photos, installations, some mess… and herself.

Studio Bonk  
De Quackstraat 77, 3082 VS, Rotterdam, lokaal 4

The visual works from Joël Bonk arose from questions he had about the view of man: man seen in the past, the present, and certainly the future. Using his own body as his starting point, he makes art that vary with classical and experimental materials.    

Wat maakt de Gouwstraat?
Gouwstraat 5, 3082 BA Rotterdam

Each street has its own mood, habits, and feel. Behind the doors of the Gouwstraat residents and artists are making all sorts of things. The residents wonder what the artists are making and the artists have been wondering for years what the local residents make. Together they 'make' the street. Schröder en Ten Bosch did research on the lives, talents, skills, hidden and visible stories.  

De Quackstraat 77, 3082 VS Rotterdam

With 17 million people in the country, nearly everyone owns a bike. Many old bikes get abandoned at the repair shop or even worse... some finish their lives in accidents, canals, or ditches. ‘Wheels-on-Fire’ collects old bicycles and turns them into stylish and good-looking products.  

Crush on Nature  
Quarantaine Inrichting, Quarantaineweg 1, 3089 KP Rotterdam

Studio Crush on Nature is located in the former bathhouse of the Quarantine complex. In this lush and haggard oasis Liesbeth Bulk makes exclusive furniture and interior designs. Linda Chevallerau creates pure interiors with rich materials creating a tranquil feeling of luxury. 

Artist in Residence Foundation B.a.d.  
Stichting B.a.d, Talingstraat 5, 3082 MG Rotterdam

Mel Chan is (HK/NL) is a visual artist who works in different art disciplines. Cengiz Mengüç is an autonomous graphic designer. Together they have a studio in the B.a.d. Foundation. During Charlois Speciaal they will present their recent works and will return old postcards to sender.  

In the windows of local Charlois houses and shops, Sabrina Chou will hang curtains of her own design and making. Viewed from the street, the curtains in these multiple windows will form a larger visual architecture of pattern, texture, and textile. The work draws a dialogue between interior and exterior spaces to address individuals in the neighborhood, their personal communities, and casual passersby.  

Studio Pompi  
Pompstraat 44c, 3082 RT Rotterdam

Paco Dalmau (1978, Spain) lives and works in Rotterdam since 2012. His artistic practice is broad and covers both painting and social public installations, such as the White Wall Project. Return Series, Fractions and Polyptychs are the collections where Dalmau explores different concepts into his painting practice.  

Atelier diStefano
Quarantaine Inrichting, Quarantaineweg 1, 3089 KP, Rotterdam

With foundation ‘Lawine’, Kathy Distefano uses theatre, play and arts to convey social messages such as social security, aggression, together in the district and reading is fun.

Atelier Jan van Dorp
De Quackstraat 77, 3082 VS Rotterdam

Jan van Dorp spent years working on the theme ‘father and son’ from the metaphor of the Greek mythological story of Daedalus and Icarus. For Charlois Speciaal Van Dorp invited ‘Suns’ to eat together, talk and be creative on the theme ‘Father’. Do they know their father? Are they friends? Have they lost sight of each other? During Charlois an organic artwork will be made on the Father and Son square. 

Short cut Tarwewijk

On March 19, 200 people walked in a long ribbon in a straight line across the Tarwewijk. The group walked into a front door and came out again through a backyard from neighbors in another street. In this way the familiar environment of the city was experienced differently. Short cut Tarwewijk is a project of Belgian artist Stijn Van Dorpe. The film and footage of residents is shown in ????

B.a.d 3D Live Magazine  
Stichting B.a.d, Talingstraat 5, 3082 MG Rotterdam

Marco Douma creates minimal contemplative videos between abstraction and images from everyday reality. He focuses on creating space between image and sound, where an inner twilight zone arises. For B.a.d 3D Live Magazine, Douma creates an interactive video installation that senses and edits movement of visitors. 

Moerkerkestraat 140c, 3081 RZ Rotterdam
Dagelijks 10.00 – 17.00 uur

Cityscapes shows four large scale photos (4x6 meter) of piles of bulky waste in the streets of Charlois. The evidence of large scale migration. The bulky parts are covered with transparent tracing paper pattern pieces. The photos are the four walls in which four felt sculptures are placed. They are the aesthetic translation of the waste into autonomous art.  

B.a.d 3D Live Magazine  
Stichting B.a.d, Talingstraat 5, 3082 MG Rotterdam

As an abstract painter Laurien Dumbar is interested in the idea of paintings as a ready-mades. Two times she was nominated for Koninklijke Subsidie voor de Vrije Schilderkunst and won the Talentprice for painting in 2000. She exhibited in the Netherlands and abroad, a.o. Beijing, Brussels en New York

Atelier Wim van Egmond  
Quarantaineweg 1, 3089 KP, Rotterdam 

Wim van Egmond is a free-lance visual artist specialized in photomicrography and stereoscopy and a combination of both. These photographs are used in books, magazines, art exhibitions, installations and theatre plays.  

Studio Pompi  
Pompstraat 44c, 3082 RT Rotterdam 

Superproject is a design operation spearheaded by industrial designer Thijs Ewalts and visual artist Jasper Niens. They are committed to computational design and digital fabrication - embracing art, architecture, engineering and technology.

Hoop la hoop
Quarantaine Inrichting, Quarantaineweg 1, 3089 KP, Rotterdam 

Lies Fris elevates the hulahoop into an art with Hoop la Hoop. 

Atelier Marilou Galdermans
Quarantaine Inrichting, Quarantaineweg 1, 3089 KP, Rotterdam  

Marilou Galdermans is a visual artist who combines drawing, sculptures and installations. 

Garage Maastunnel, Karel de Stouteplein, Rotterdam  
Dagelijks 12.00 – 17.00 uur

Eric Jan van de Geer wants to make things visible. In doing so he is not limited to one technique. He focuses on objects, surfaces, structures and spatial situations who are difficult to recognize because of extreme framing. They can not be placed in a specific context of space and time. In ‘Gardes and Dogs’ he shows blown- up Polaroids.

Atelier Gil & Moti  
Zuidhoek 276 B, 3082 PT Rotterdam
18 en 19 juni 12.00 – 17.00 uur

Artist duo Gil & Moti create performance art about identity, the meaning of the individual and corresponding social values. As artists, gay couple, immigrants en (ex) Israelis these themes connect with there personal life. In the studio one can see preparations for their solo exhibition in the Dutch Photomuseum.  

Wolphaertstraat 39 B, 3082 BL Rotterdam

In the studio of John Giskens performances are made up and practiced. From time to time performances are given for small public audiences. During Charlois Speciaal an installation is shown about ‘hidden human’ with different performers. The movements are inspired by the Japanese Butoh dance. 

Studio M42  
Gouwstraat 34b, 3082 BG Rotterdam

Ruud Goedhart works in Studio M42, an old officebuilding that contains five studios. Goedhart is a painter, musician and composer and works at Museum Boijmans van Beuningen.  

Charloisse Visserstruien (van schaap tot trui)  
Textielfabrique, Gouwstraat 56c, 3082 BG Rotterdam  
11 – 18 juni  12.00 – 17.00 uur

With local knitters Textielfabrique revives the traditional Charloisse fischerman sweater. You can visit the workshop and see how sweaters are made by hand. Local knitters are present to tell their own story. Writer Stella Ruhe gives a lecture on the history of the Charloisse sweaters.  

Atelier Harm Gosling Kuiper
Quarantaine Inrichting, Quarantaineweg 1, 3089 KP, Rotterdam

Harm Goslink Kuiper is a musician, artist, painter, songwriter, poet, artist, instrument builder and more. Although for him each of these disciplines in isolation, it is still always recognize his playful slant and quirky handwriting. 

Would you like a sculpture for your house?  
18- 19 juni, 12.00 – 17.00 uur

Would you like a sculpture for your house? With this question, the French Elise Guihard knocks on 113 doors of inhabitants of the Godschalkstraat. She drinks a cup of tea with them and takes pictures in their homes. Residents can choose three sculptures: Door, Sofa and Ceiling. Can be seen in the Wielewaal. 
The future is too empty to inhabit
Gebied Maashaven en Maassilo
10 - 19 juni, doorlopend

THE FUTURE IS TOO EMPTY TO INHABIT is made up of 8 banners. Four photo’s and four texts merge into a comment about the development of social politics and the way in which public spaces are dominated by ‘star’ architects, glass skyscrapers and control in the public arena. The texts refer to the Fountainhead by Ayn Rand (and the influence this book has had on architects) and the game of Tetris (“all you have to know is that it’s just a cheap office building”). 

Atelier Elleke Hageman
Gouwstraat 21, 3082 BG Rotterdam

Elleke Hageman (1987) produces abstract sculptural art by combining traditional and contemporary techniques such as photography, oil-painting, smithing, welding. In the process of creation she continually translates two dimensional images to spatial objects and vice versa in which she searches for correlation between cosmology, the human figure and geometrical shapes.  

Wolfartspace, Wolphaertstraat 25c, 3082 BK Rotterdam  
Dagelijks, 12.00 -17.00 uur

Robert de Hartogh photographed for over three decennia the live of migrants in the Netherlands. A subject he focused on since the race riots in the Afrikaanderwijk in Rotterdam. His photos contributed to imaging migrants in the Netherlands. For Charlois Speciaal he presents the history of migrants in Charlois.  

Atelier Frank Heijnen
Charloisse Poort, Katendrechtse Lagedijk 450, 3082 GG Rotterdam

Sculptor Frank Heijnen creates abstract animal figures and torso’s out of stone, soapstone, alabaster and serpentine  


Atelier Misja Immink
Quarantaine Inrichting, Quarantaineweg 1, 3089 KP, Rotterdam

Artist Misha Immink is director of his own museum of the Stairwell. He is also founder of The House of Strategic Changes. The Institute for the Intensity of the Blue, the Happiness Insurance Company and the Institute for Melancholy are part of it. 

Atelier David Iserief
Quarantaine Inrichting, Quarantaineweg 1, 3089 KP, Rotterdam

Artist and yoga teacher David Iserief organises during Charlois Especially an artistic yoga experience amidst the art in the Quarantine Museum. 

Hop Locatie
Binnentuin Cillershoek (Mijnsherenlaan/Dordtselaan/ Cillershoekstraat

The Cillershoek courtyard garden provides local residents with a valuable green view and a breath of fresh air, along with aiding water absorption for the city. The ‘Hop’ project accentuates these qualities. As the hop grows tall it makes a connection between the apartments and the garden. That’s how the city oasis transforms into city agriculture.

Koffie & Ambacht, Ebenhaezerstraat 52a, 3083 RP Rotterdam
16 juni, 19.00 – 23.00 uur.

Smaakpupillen is an evening compiled by Eveline de Jonge at Koffie & Ambacht. The evening is filled with poems, stories, and music performed by (predominantly) Charlois residents. A matching dish will accompany each performance, with a sarcastic wink at quotes like ‘there is no accounting for taste’ and ‘that proves you’ve got bad taste’. Smaakpupillen promises to be a fun evening. Entrance is free, and so is the food. Language is Dutch.  

Studio M42
Gouwstraat 34b, 3082 BG Rotterdam

Ilse Kauffman is a painter who makes drawings, murals, and work in open spaces. She is also associated with art education at the SKVR, Kunsthal, Museum Boijmans, en Villa Zebra. Find her at and

Mensa Dietaria  
Het Reputatieatelier, Gouwstraat 46b, 3082 BG Rotterdam  
10-19 juni  

The Mensa Dietaria (literally ‘table of daily duties’) offers a panoramic view of spiritual and religious dietary rituals in an installation made up of texts, images, and objects taken from world religions and beliefs. The project conceived is a documentary–imaginary exploration of food and drug habits that have been ritualized in their preparation, consumption, distribution, abstention, and as sacrifices.

Gouwstraat 59b, 3082 BG

Terranova is a ceramic workshop in Old Charlois. In the pottery you can work with turntables, enamel, casting molds, plaster and hand shapes. They organize customized lessons and workshops, also for assignments and collaborations.  

Atelier Jeanette Kommer
Katendrechtse Lagedijk 455a, 3082GB Rotterdam

Jeannette Kommer was born in Penrith, Australia. The mystic and magic of the Aboriginals and their stories about ‘The Dreamtime’ are intertwined with haar work and life. Themes she works with are longing and homesickness. Kommer paints on wood. The mold is the base of what she does. It becomes an artwork on its own.  

KO & FLO 1
De ideale wereld
Charloisse Poort, Katendrechtse Lagedijk 450, 3082 GG Rotterdam

Artists Ko de Kok en Florian Borstlap asked participants of Reakt (MHC) to design their ideal environment in a workshop. What does it look like? What kind of people live there? What kind of buildings are there? The results can be seen in the studio complex Charloisse Poort.

KO & FLO 2
The Soul op South
Winkelcentrum Zuidplein
11 – 17 juni, winkeltijden

Artists/performers Ko de Kok and Florian Borstlap perch with their specially designed pop-up studio at shopping mall Zuidplein. Looking for the sound and soul of Rotterdam South. The ordinary Rotterdammer in this process is encouraged to make a personal contribution to the creation of a music album. Including artwork. 

Atelier Corrie de Kruif Photography
De Quackstraat 77, 3082 VS Rotterdam

Autonomous photographer Corrie de Kruif is fascinated by psychology and cultural antropology. In her work she digs into the deeper grounds of human behaviour, looking for similarities and uniqueness. For her photo documentary Women she has worked with young immigrant women from Charlois. In these portraits she reveals their strength and vulnerability and the beauty of diversity.  

DNA Rotterdam
Garage Maastunnel, Karel de Stouteplein Rotterdam  
Dagelijks 12.00 – 17.00 uur

Images from the past (photo’s, paintings, drawings, ideas) influence the way we define ourselves. These images include both personal memories and collective memories. As a photographer/visual artist Marlies Lageweg examines the relationship between identity and history. 

Atelier Lia van Leeuwen en Jos van der Meulen
Schulpweg 47, 3084 NG Rotterdam  

The studio’s of Lia van Leeuwen and Jos van der Meulen are in their historical cottage on a dike in Charlois. Lia makes dreamlike drawings and paintings. Jos turns discarted materials into new use. Together they manifacture recycled bags and containers out of redundant posters.

GIUSEPPE LICARI and friends  
Charlois Wine  
XX Multiple Galerie, Kromme Zandweg 110, 3084 ND Rotterdam  
10 - 19 juni 12.00 – 17.00 uur
wijn- en grappa proeverij op zondag 19 juni 15.00 uur

Charlois Wine is a legend that has been cultivated since 2009. Born from a personal dream it soon became a collective project supported by several friends and wine lovers that contribute to the creation and development of fine wine. Every year a Charlois based artist is asked to create a limited edition for the Charlois Art Collection, which gets auctioned during the wine’s presentation. This year the artists are BikvanderPol and Kamiel Verschuren. 

Piekfijn, Wolphaertsbocht 246, 3083 MV Rotterdam
Dagelijks 12.00 – 17.00 uur

Sculpture International Rotterdam presents the notorius movie of Erik van Lieshout about shoppingmall Zuidplein. For three months Van Lieshout ran a shop at het mall between mediastores and Hema. Motto of the shop: ‘Real Luxury is Buying Nothing’. About social-political impotence and art.  

Tattoos in glas  
Tot Gouw atelier Glasvormen, Gouwstraat 56c, 3082 BG Rotterdam  
11 - 18 juni 12.00 – 17.00 uur

The work for this exhibition is a translation about a permanent adornment to a temporary one. How does it look if you make a permanent decoration on glass that will be used temporarily? Which materials and figures will look their best then? And what if you use recognizable materials but in a very different way, like using sand or glass on glass for instance or just try something all new? Visitors to this Charlois Speciaal edition will be taken on a trip through Makkenze’s studio. 

Sticker project
Roltrappen Maastunnel

Quenton Miller is an Australian artist, writer and documentarian, whose projects have been exhibited at the Stedelijk Museum Bureau Amsterdam, apexart New York, 1646 Den Haag, West Space Melbourne. In the Maastunnel, Charlois publishing collective Action will add a small selection of stickers by local and non-local artists to the collection amassed on the escalator steps. For more information ask the guards.

Schröder en Ten Bosch  
Gouwstraat 5, 3082 BA Rotterdam

Marc Müller a new installation in the studio of Marlies Schröder and Anne Karin ten Bosch. Together with a cardboard structure these pencil drawings are showing potential architectonic sites open for thoughts.

Voorbijgaand – Rolina Nell  
Veldwerk, Gouwstraat 42b, 3082 BD Rotterdam  
11, 12, 18 en 19 juni van 13.00 - 18.00 uur.

The office of Veldwerk at Gouwstraat is the pop up location for gallery Hommes exhibiting new work by Rolina Nell. Throughout history clothing has expressed culture and identity.

Studio Pompi  
Pompstraat 44c, 3082 RT Rotterdam

Jasper Niens studied at the Design Academy in Eindhoven and AKI Academy of Fine Arts in Enschede. Graduated in Site-Specific art in 2001. Works as a visual artist on various projects. The works are often made on a big scale as proposals or three-dimensional sketches for a place.

Paviljoen… aan het Water, Brielselaan 157, 3081 AC Rotterdam  
10-19 juni

During Charlois Speciaal the Italian guest artist Silvio Palladino transforms Pavilion… at the Waterfront into a Panilion. The Panilion is a series of events-dinners involving bread (= panis) where everybody can participate in a. The process of making, baking, cooking and eating from different cultures will be used as tools for dialogue and discovery of cultures and stories. The idea stems from the history of the area (Tarwewijk).  

PAE – (Nina Boas en Ieke Trinks)
Honden, Tatoeages, Textiel, Eten en Tuinieren  
Kunstenaars: Leander Haaitsma (NL), Topp & Dubio (NL), Kristiina Koskentola (NL/FI), Jane Domaliç (NL/HR)en Vloris Visser (NL)  
18 juni, 12.30 – 16.30 uur

Shoppers, dogs on a string, salesman, full trashcans, metro’s and busses and baking odours. On June 18th artists from PAE perform one whole day in the public area shopping centre Zuidplein. Five performances on the themes dogs, tattoos, textiles, food, and gardening take place among shoppers and travellers using public transportation. The theme that is chosen becomes the starting point for each performance.  

    Title: DOGGYBAG
    12:30 - 16:30 hrs., Shopping Mall Zuidplein, random / everywhere

    We asked Jane Domaliç to take 'dogs' as a starting point to create a work for the Zuidplein shopping mall area. But what? According to Domaliç there aren't many dogs walking around in the mall. There are lots of bags. Likewise, these bags provide plenty of exercise and social contact at times. The question that comes to Domaliç's mind is: "How faithful is your bag?" Domaliç walks around with several bags, offering to exchange them on the spot with others.

    Domaliç is affiliated with iwbdjdyatmvezdmnekzawvb. They do interventions that make the normal more difficult to take for granted.

    15:30 - 16:30 hrs., Shopping Mall Zuidplein, 2nd floor (hema)

    What exactly is a tattoo and how is it placed? From an empirical method, Topp & Dubio examine this phenomenon. And the necessary equipment displayed in the shopping mall's pedestrian area will come into use.

    Topp & Dubio is a multidisciplinary artist duo from The Hague. Their work is activist in nature and moves between the romance of imagination and absurd vagaries of everyday reality. Topp & Dubio make public interventions, exhibitions, site-specific installations, video and all forms of (audiovisual) documentation.

    Title: THE BALE
    12:30 hrs., until it is finished, Shopping Mall Zuidplein, exit Pleinweg

    Everyday we cover our body with layers of textiles. They keep us warm, protect us, and have decorative value. In Fisser's performance textiles will be used for their physical presence. A continuous shaping of a sculptural mass, where each next layer covers the previous one.

    Floris Visser, alias Vloris Fisser, is interested in the scenography and ethics of moments when people come together. Experiencing uncertainty about the 'ultra social', an indication of our (Dutch) times, Fisser founded in 2015 the Vereninging De Vereniging (Association The Association), an association for the sole purpose of forming an association. Another project, Radio Voicemail, is a weekly radio program of 2 minutes, that can be listened to via voicemail. | |


    1 pm until it is finished, Zuidplein, bus square North side

    On the crowded bus square Kristiina Koskentola cooks dishes from different cultures. Recipes are selected on the basis of migration in evidence in Charlois. Once the food is ready, it can be tasted. Koskentola's preparation of what for her are unfamiliar recipes makes this performance a dialogue where the sharing of food opens up the conversation. This is not just about the success or failure of attempts to obtain the right flavor for a dish. Koskentola reflects on the complexity of migration, translation, authenticity and belonging through the global and local trade in food.

    Kristiina Koskentola is an artist and researcher based in Amsterdam.


    Title: CURIOUS ACCIDENTS # 27: The Rake
    12:30 to 16:30 hrs., on and off, Zuidplein, bus square South side

    On your way to the south side of the bus square you can encounter unannounced an absurdist situation. Leander Haaitsma's performance will be 'In Situ.' A frozen moment that blends into its surroundings - a moment where time stands still - and the world around it just keeps going on.

    Leander Haaitsma's work lies at the intersection of theater and visual art. Inspired by the work’s location, such as museums and galleries but also public spaces, Haaitsma creates staged images in which she positions herself in a variety of roles.


Writing on the Moon  
Charloisse Kerksingel 12b, 3082 DA Rotterdam

'Writing on the Moon' (13'42'', The Netherlands, 2014) is a videowork inspired by Italo Calvino's novel Cosmicomics'. The video 'literally' shows words falling off of the Moon's surface, as suggested in the novel. The result is a visual, poetic cascade of free associations.

Wash-O-Matic, Dorpsweg 32c, 3083 LB Rotterdam en Gouwstraat 42b, Gouwstraat 34b, 3082 BD Rotterdam
10 - 19 juni

Documentary makers Lieke van Pruijssen & Bieke Versloot are hanging out the neighbour’s dirty laundry. Come listen at the local Wash-O-Matic to the washing cycle that takes an intimate look into the lives and wardrobes of local residents: the invisible dynamics, unwritten rules, and sensitivity of the neighborhood.  

Aloardi Night - Aloardi (Gabriel Castillo, DJ Sajjra, Christian Galarreta, Janneke van der Putten) 
Aan het Water
10 juni

Aloardi Night presents the premiere of the audiovisual work "People and Dogs". After the presentatie there is a concert by Gabriel Castillo and a party with DJ Sajjra. Dog owners are invited to bring their dog. Aloardi Night is part of the Aloardi exchange programme 2016, a quarterly project that invites artists from Peru to present their work in the Netherlands.  

Invisible Architecture in the Maastunnel - Christian Galarreta and Janneke van der Putten
Maastunnel, Maastunnel Zuid Zijde: Charloisse Hoofd 27  
Presentatie maandag 13 juni om 20.00 -22 uur

Invisible Architecture is a site-specific project by Christian Galarreta and Janneke van der Putten, in its development since 2013 at different locations ranging from a tower to a church and from an underpass to a tunnel. This audiovisual presentation of Invisible Architecture in the Maastunnel during Charlois Speciaal will conclude an investigation into the tunnel, a typical Rotterdam monument with special acoustic qualities

People and dogs - Aloardi Collective - Gabriel Castillo, Christian Galarreta, Janneke van der Putten  
April 2016 - Juni 2016

This audiovisual project explores people and their dogs in Charlois. Subject are powerrelations, submission, conrol, friendship, involvement, protection and fear. The dogs are a starting point for conversation. The video is made from a selection of interviews, sound and video recordings that were generated through encounters in public places. The work was produced by Aloardi, a Peruvian-Dutch art collective.  

Anders Bekeken
Charloisse Poort, Katendrechtse Lagedijk 450, 3082 GG Rotterdam

In Charloisse Poort you can see Outsider art from atelier ‘Anders Bekeken’ van Reakt. Artists of this studio work under supervision. A selection of their work is shown. Artists are: Annemiek Eekhout, Maria Gerltowska, Tineke Wenehenubun, JanWillem Slabbekoorn, Menno van der Palm en Jonathan Vos. 

Rick & Veerle  
Amelandseplein 8c, 3083 SC Rotterdam

The love of nature is a constant element in work of Veerle Ritsier. Rick van den Berg combines human elements with nature, symbolism, geometry and organic abstractions. Their studio (at our home) has been open since 2010 for visitors interested in art. Expect multicolored art, ranging from small to large works.  

Studio Pompi
Pompstraat 44c, 3082 RT Rotterdam

Diana Roig lives in the Netherlands, but was born in Argentina. Duality of heritage is a main theme in her work. Roig paints and experiments with audio, video and performance art. She got influenced by natural growth, biological processes and fractals, evolution, survival of the fittest, new species, transformations and perception. 

Atelier Aloysuis van Saus
Quarantaine Inrichting, Quarantaineweg 1, 3089 KP, Rotterdam

Allousius van Saus makes iron sculptures of. His work brings the rural character of the quarantine area and the industrial dominance of the Port of Rotterdam together. 

B.a.d 3D Live Magazine  
Stichting B.a.d, Talingstraat 5, 3082 MG Rotterdam

To be connected to oneself, the environment or nature is the main them in the work of photographer Janine Schrijver. For B.a.d 3D Live Magazine she transforms her atelier into a reiki annex portrait studio. Visitors are portrayed. One portrait before and one after a reiki treatment. Total duration: 40 min. 

Alles van waarde is Charlois
Dierenhandel Dobey, Wolphaertsbocht 43, 3082 AC Rotterdam
11 juni en 18 juni  12.00 - 17.00 uur

In the mobile studio of professional photographer Bob Goedewaagen, dogs from Charlois residents are portrayed wearing a collar with the word CHARLOIS. Title of the project is ‘All of value is Charlois’. The following week the photographs will be exhibited in a shop window to allow the owners to pick up prints of their dogs for free.  

Atelier Wim Sjerps
Quarantaine Inrichting, Quarantaineweg 1, 3089 KP, Rotterdam

Wim Sjerps is a visual artist and architect. His background as an architect has a big impact on his paintings. Conversely his work as an architect is affected by painting. In his studio he show a series of paintings based on photographs.   

Atelier Helmut Smits
Quarantaine Inrichting, Quarantaineweg 1, 3089 KP, Rotterdam

Helmut Smits (1974) is a multidisciplinary visual artist. Straightforward, critical and witty, Smits is a ceaseless producer of ideas that comment on society and situations in a frank and often humorous way. 

Verhalen uit de wijk  
Binnentuin van Stichting ’t O-tje, Struitenweg 52 Rotterdam  
25 mei, 1 juni, 11 juni en 15 juni: 10.00-13.00 uur; 
Documentaire tentoonstelling in de kelders van ’t O-tje dagelijks 12.00 – 17.00 uur

Bérénice organises dinners for neighbourhood residents at artist-complex ‘t-Otje. The goal is to get to know more about how locals cook by sharing food and stories with each other. Like family, by sharing a meal together people will get to know about each others cultures and customs and also about the identity of Charlois. Drawings and visual traces on the tablecloths become a souvenir of these gatherings.

Charloisse kerk, Charloisse Kerksingel 35, 3082 DA Rotterdam

Documentary photographer Stacii Samadin investigated radicalism and sterotypes in Rotterdam, Berlin, Malakoff, Nantes, Paramaribo, Los Angeles and Paris. He is interested in groupsidentiy en subcultures en the way they funtion in society. For Charlois Speciaal he photographed the many (international) church communities in Charlois.  

Stadslab Luchtkwaliteit (Eric van Ulden en Marieke de Keijzer)
Koekje van eigen deeg; van tarwewiel tot fijnstofkoekje
Brielselaan (start bij de Menebafabriek)  
Onregelmatige tijden tussen 10 en 19 juni

Why is mobility still so polluting? ‘Stadslab Luchtkwaliteit’ (City-Lab Air-Quality) poses this question and measures the particulates along the Brielselaan. They will drop a wheel containing wheat at each spot after each measurement. The traffic will contribute to the sauce of the particulate matter. Stadslab can bake one cookie from each wheel. Depending on the concentration of particulate matter in the air, bakers expect the discolouration of the cookies to turn out more or less gray. Cookie? 

Rond is gezond  
Gouwstraat 72b

Aleksandra Suchowska is a visual artist, visionary CEO architect, innovator and owner at OLA architecten. She combines her unique look on architecture with her paintings. During Charlois Speciaal she presents her Exclusive Art Collection Anno 2016: Round is healthy. Architecture of the future.

Groepsportret met papagaai
Cultuurwerkplaats Carnisse, Ebenhaëzerstraat 51 A 3083 RG Rotterdam

In the spring of 2016 a spectacular performance and exhibition project was created in association with CultuurWerkplaats Carnisse. The slightly absurdist character Group Portrait With Parrot consists of two sub-projects: street theater-like performances with the theme 'keeping dogs' and an exhibition of protraits on residents of Carnisse. Together it is a group portrait of the neighborhood, where residents become artistically acquainted. 

Atelier Juliette Tulkens
Quarantaine Inrichting, Quarantaineweg 1, 3089 KP, Rotterdam  

By associative responding to form or content Juliette Tulkens creates images that seem to tell stories. With great attention for and knowledge of color and material, she makes drawings and paintings appealing to the subconscious. What precedes understanding. 

Pop – up Studio Petar Tuskan  
Wolphaertstraat, naast 51, 3082 BL Rotterdam

The artist is very driven and dedicated to painting. The studio offers a unique experience into the true feeling of a classical painter’s atelier. In the midst of the smell of oil paint and creative chaos, mostly large format paintings and works in progress can be explored and enjoyed.  

Atelier Giorgio Vanelli  
Wolphaertstraat, naast 51, 3082 BL Rotterdam

The exuberant paintings of Giorgio Maria Vanelli (Italy, 1959) were awarded in 1985 with the Prix Giotto for Painting. After a revelatory dream Vanelli, the son of a simple craftsman, decided to paint and found his true passion and calling. 
B.a.d 3D Live Magazine  
Stichting B.a.d, Talingstraat 5, 3082 MG Rotterdam

Kamiel Verschuren (1968) is a conceptual interdisciplinary artist, with an international practice and a special interest for the public domain and the artists’ position in society. He is co-founder and member B.a.d (1989-), Studio Pompstraat (2004-2011), Stedelinks010 (2011 -), ICU art projects (2007-), advisory board TENT (2004-), NAC (2004-), BK-informatie (2012-) and Charlois ... aan het Water (2012-).He works individually, with other artists and organizations. 

Nieuwe Tijds Parade  
18 juni  

On the 18th of June the Rotterdam based artist Jacco Weener will host a colourful parade through the streets of Old-Charlois. This will be a celebration of the coming of summer and the eternal rotation of the seasons. The parade is going to begin at the old church in the center of Old– Charlois and wind up at the living community ‘t Otje, ending the day there with a grand party.  

Atelier Wenzel & van de Geer  
Schulpplein 11, 3087 NA Rotterdam  
Plaats en tijd

Studio Wenzel & van de Geer has been located at Schulpplein in Rotterdam since March 2015. The factory building was built in 1964 for producing radiators. Later on it was turned into an industrial kitchen, and finally it was used to grow hash illegally. Since its renovation, it offers workspace for the subtle photo projects and drawings of Eric Jan van de Geer, as well as the monumental ceramic sculptures of Anne Wenzel.

Atelier Hanneke van der Werf  
Quarantaine Inrichting, Quarantaineweg 1, 3089 KP, Rotterdam

Hanneke van der Werf creates paintings in which fluid universes can be found. Everything is in motion and yet, in the centre there is a deafening silence. In this silence there is no morality, no judgment, no mercy and no compromises: the experience of wholeness. 

Tour de Bourgogne
Boergoensevliet, ter hoogte van Frans Bekkerstraat en De Quackstraat  
13 – 19 juni

With Tour de Burgundy local artist Tess van Wijnen makes the magic of the Boergoensevliet come alive. For a whole month she will be making recordings along the banks of the stream, to edit these later into a wonderous audiotour. Listen to soundclips of nesting birds, the rushing tram and memories of (former) residents living on one of the most beautiful streams of the South.

Atelier Sjoert Willemstein
Quarantaine Inrichting, Quarantaineweg 1, 3089 KP, Rotterdam

Nothing stands still, not in matter not in mind. Fascination in this concept of
nature and life is source of inspiration in the work of photographer and visual artist Sjoert Willemstein. Motion is a longterm project comprising research on motion itself, in the broadest sense. It is presented in his studio.